Notes Left By Customers

I am assuming you a referring to a customer survey.

Surprisingly during my time with Subway as a GM my restaurant did have the best customer satisfaction percentage in the region (based off customer surveys)

The worst comment I think I have ever received would of been a customer claiming our food made them sick. These kind of complaints are by far the worst situation to encounter. There is a lot of information to be gathered and investigated. I have only had 1 family ever claim that the food made them sick, so no one really knows if it really was the sandwiches, if it was something else, or worst of all - the customer was lying for benefit.

Customer retention is big in mostly all industries and businesses so of course when situations like this arise most places offer some kind of compensation- which I did.

The best comments I have received are the ones praising the teamwork, cleanliness and overall speed of service. These comments are viewable to anyone (managers and up) in the company so these comments really are appreciated and go a long way.

I have never seen any customer take the time to leave such details comments and try to lighten the mood of the staff - I am sure that they greatly appreciate it!

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