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Ikr, there seems to be some serious brigading going on in the past day or so. Suddenly a lot of anti-woman sentiments, denial and outrage over domestic violence statistics, victim-blaming, wild unfounded speculation over her sexual preferences, fiercely defending Brian Laundrie and being way too charitable given the facts available (suggesting he was "the real victim here"), outrage over mentions of male violence, etc.

Incels and MRAs really came out of the woodwork for this one.

To anyone arguing this point: Manual strangulation involves several minutes of sustained choking/throttling until the body and organs have been deprived of oxygen long enough for death to occur (several minutes at least).  She would have instinctively fought back, fallen unconscious before death, and he would have continued choking her for several minutes afterwards. This requires a sustained and active effort, and the time it takes rules out accidental death (as the coroner concluded). This isn't a ligature strangulation or something that could have mechanically strangled her without him noticing, he manually strangled her to death with his hands, over a period of several minutes, long after she lost consciousness.

There is no reasonable person who would believe this is something that a person has consented to, and even if they could prove that there was consent, it still wouldn't relieve them of criminal consequences. People can't consent to murder, and manual strangulation isn't an accident.

Porn seems to have warped a disturbingly large amount of people's minds into believing women like to be choked to death or otherwise brutally murdered during sex. That is not and never will be a thing.

The "rough sex gone wrong" defense is a myth crafted and perpetuated by defense attorneys, in order to blame the victims of murder for their own death, and relieve the killer of consequences. People do not, and cannot consent to being murdered, and it does not occur quickly nor by accident, particularly when the perpetrator is using his bare hands to do so.  The UK recently banned this defense entirely, and it doesn't fare well in the US justice system either.  

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