November Tech Support Megathread

i5 3470 8GB DDR3 SSD Kingston 240GB 650w Bronze Power Supply

One of my friends bought a RX 580 Sapphire Pulse to replace his old Palit 660 Ti from back when he bought the system.

I personally recommended a RX 580 to less experienced friend for being able to access FreeSync on his Ultra Wide Samsung Monitor 1080p plus a 3 game bundle with Division and two others plus 30€ cheaper than the 1060.

After installing and formatting (he wanted a fresh Windows 10 install) the latest drivers completely failed, it gave him BSOD after installing, so I recommended he installed older ones which worked fine except he wanted to play Fortnite and it just went black screen with sound on.

Even after that, kept failing randomly, though he did play some tanks for an hour, and installed an even older version. Fornite still didn’t work and the results were more stable but this morning it failed again and BSODed after boot.

Now, it was my recommendation which I think is correct considering his display had FreeSync and he is a keen fan of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry.

Now as much as I could help him, this never happened on my GTX 470, 970 and 1080 Ti and drivers were absolutely always flawless day 1 in almost 9 years since I last had a Radeon (5850 which was OK though I remember I had to keep the display at 100hz cause at 110 and 120 it would hang and it failed).

Now the good news for him is that he can change the GPU in 14 days or at least get money back, but he is willing to spend the extra 30€ for the 1060, now in my opinion, for low budget, 580 is a better option strictly because he can enjoy freesync, he also has the option to ask for another similar GPU in case this has actually memory or other problems but if I insist and the drivers are the general problem cause it seems the GPU acts differently(though still faulty) depending on which driver is installed and not the same.

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