Novice needs advice

the problem is that picking is all about the feeling and feedback you get as you poke and prod at the lock with your tools.

you need to likely just apply moderate tension while using a short hook to lever the pins up. feel around for whatever pin is specifically binding due to the tension, and you should get a feelable "click" or "clunk" when you manage to push the pin to the sheer line, then move on to the next pin that should now be bound. since the lock is clear, you should be able to see through it to get an idea of what in the world you are doing with your pick.

dont get too comfortable, only the cheapo low security locks will be nothing but standard pins. they are great for learning how to use your tools, and the general basics of how to pick locks.

if my guess is correct, and you got an "el cheapo" set of lockpicking tools off of Amazon or something, you might want to consider getting a decent starter set if you think you may truly want to try out the hobby ($20-40 for a small set of tools).

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