And now, for something not involving politics

The actual statistics! Over half of women do not experience these things! But again, again, that does not make the experiences of women who have any less valid. Why is it one or the other? Why? Why does abuse only matter if the majority experiences it? That doesn't make any sense!

I am not. There is no reconning; I have not changed a single thing I've said. You are completely twisting and misrepresenting what I'm saying, what I've said all along. It's not reminding, it's not blaming, it's saying let's empower ourselves! Why are you against that?

No, I didn't vote for Trump, I'm the breadwinner in my household, I don't place myself below men at all, and that's where all of this comes from -- I am not beholden to any man, and they do not control me, and I see this narrative that we are victims, that we can't help but be victims, and I want to say, "no, that's fucking bullshit, we don't have to live that way," and buying into the idea that we do is what in fact puts us below them. I am not going to be pushed around by a man, and no other woman should be either, and I am not going to let people like you, who want to rob women of their power, stop me from helping them claim it. I have experiences, too, and so do the women I know, and I am going to spread the fuck out of those experiences, so we can actually make a dent in this system while you sit there lashing out at anyone who tries, acting abusive as fuck, while telling others that they're the ones who need to introspect.

You serve the will of men. Do you understand that? You are completely controlled by them to the point where you believe that you can't act against them at all, and you actually go around telling other women that they can't either. Don't sit there and turn the crap your learned from them on me.

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