Now my husband is being incredibly nice while pushing me away at the same time .... I'm very fearful and started by his voice now and walking around, I can occasionally voice my thoughts but have to build my way to it or have a drink first because I'm terrified of the outcome of me speaking up

we was Married for 10year with a child. I gave up a lot for him to become a faithful house husband. My narcissistic husband was still threatening to file a divorce and take custody of my Child because. I knew he was cheating and also into illegal things. I had no papers so I cleaned to have money, my boss son told me about this hacker who could get into my Husband phone and drives. I found Dirty things, real dirty things. All deleted Message, chat, Video, Call from 10 years back where unveiled to me. This is now helpful cos he worked my papers for me and now I can stay with my child and have a good job. Don’t let your cheating partner abuse you contact

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