NOW...(pay attention) we don’t re-open the government until we get FULL FUNDING of the Border Wall. Are you seeing how this works now, Chuck? Nancy?

Last shutdown, they kept the lowliest intern on to shutter forest service gates to make it hurt for rural people. Literally paying overtime to low paid interns (non-essential personal), to lock gates an man them so no one went into our National Forest. They paid more to lock the gates and protect them for 16 days, than it took to run the forest for an entire year.

This year. The forest manager bought shots for the bar at 10 and said "We're closing no gates this shutdown, I'm going to see my family for Christmas, don't shit on the toilets like the Chinese do, bring your own TP, and have at it. MAGA."

Heading to bed now, so I can wake up tomorrow and go on forest service land, just to prove the point we don't need need the federal government to go on lands in our backyard.

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