And now the WoW Community is left with the worst CM you can imagine

Fortnite has done an incredible job with communication though. There has been multiple times where there has been community outcry and they fix it within 24 hours. Meanwhile at activision blizzard we’re told classes will have a proper rework in 8.1 and then when the changes come around it’s just small number changes. People were excited for 8.1 so they can play a spec that doesn’t feel like garbage. Instead we got slight number changes but we were told the entire time (or it at least wasn’t clarified a week before the changes) that it’s a proper redesign.

You’re not wrong though with creating a game that isn’t catered towards raiding. Every piece of BfA aside from raiding and dungeons has been done awfully. I do not trust the current game designers to create anything worthwhile after releasing BfA with what it has. That’s where a CM would hopefully come into play and see what people are not happy with and what they like so they can focus more on that. At the moment blizzard is just not listening to us at all. This expansion to me is the real beginning of the end.

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