[NP] Friday F**kwit 27/Oct/2017



Can explain why you are annoyed

What part of not having slept for over 2 bloody days do you not understand...

Indeed...as much of you

Mate, you said you were only a concerned citizen with family who had it... And you're assuming what a barely comprehensible sleep deprived Redditor wrote is true to life.... That's beyond annoying. I was obviously in a frame of mind that would make me an unreliable narrator of an accurate despixtion of my own mental state and experiences... And I'd rather not go to a full essay to try and dissuade you from thinking I might possibly have schizophrenia. Like seriously??

harmless suggestion

That's a lot of time wasted and emotional anguish you could avoid being uncertain if one is Schizophrenic or not. I really dislike the whole mentality of 'that sounds like [inset mental illness] unless it's disrupting you from functioning like a normal human being in society then no. You don't have debilitating mental illness you need to get checked for. My social media is absolutely full of people like that and seeing it on Reddit is a bit more than disheartening.

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