NPXS will always be ERC-20?

Hope so that this is SEC related . As it was mentioned if there is no way to cooperate with with authoritys they exit the market and move...kind off excited times, from this point in June the Xpos-tokenburns will ongoing reduce the total ammount of NPXS CAP so welcome to the bottom . just imaginge the F(x) Swap + XPOS Fractional tokenburn 246.092.941 FX will be avaible to swap i read in range 1 FX : 500 npxs down to 1:700 ratio depence on time of 123.046.470.500 npxs could be off cap with the FX swap of gurateed 0.002 factor first month...i dont think all swap to fx but dont forget 274.555.193.861 NPXS is total market cap!!! 170.099.867.143 NPXS are only circulation supply so airdrop will increase this ammoun ..... hell yeah what will happen


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