Ns Point of view on No Contact : it's a trend!

Forums such as this sub-redit are causing a much bigger problem then they are solving. It is supporting a culture of victimization-by-declaration and disempowering society to actually function. I-am-abused-because-I-say-I-am-I-need-say-no-more is a hugely damaging mindset to support as it creates victims, robs individuals of their entitlement to withstand and manage normal life stress and takes away the ability of adults to raise a functionning next generation. As a wise man once said, if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. Thus forum is dellusional if it truly believes it stands for anything. It stands for nothing as it degrades the concept of "abuse" to nothing more than a whine. If there is actually any honest good intent to provide victims with a place to vent it is so misguided as to be laughable. This is about on par with hosting a forum to help holocaust survivors, while entitling nazis to paticipate as victims because, well, the time was hard for them too! No, that should be relabled as a forum for people to discuss their war time trials, of whatever nature. And this one needs to be rebranded as a forum for people to complain about life stress, however routine. But this benevolet intent is almost impossible to believe. A much more fitting motivator would be a desire to insidiously undermine the ability of a society to create a mentally stable functionning next generation, in order to position that culture for subsequent defeat. Which is brilliant but sorry wont work, so go away please.

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