NSAC: Anderson Silva's win over Nick Diaz switched to a "no-contest"

He is a great fighter. He just doesn't play into the typical stereotypes and doesn't care to. He has been finished in a fight(TKO) ONCE. That in itself is a victory. He has gone the full length with some of the scariest fighters out there, one of which many people consider to be the GOAT. GSP, Condit and of course Silva. Most people wouldn't make it through two rounds with those people. He is honest and doesn't put on a fake face for the media.. I can't tell you how much I, and many others, REALLY FUCKING APPRECIATE THAT. To call Nick Diaz a crappy fighter is to just not know fighting in my opinion. I don't have a source but I am pretty sure it was Joe Rogan who said something to the effect of "the reason Nick Diaz loses to decisions is because the fights are only 5 rounds". The dude is a fucking weapon, if those fights would be allowed to continue it is my belief he would simply win by tiring the other person out and eventually finishing them. He doesn't swing for the fences, he never has. He doesn't try to look flashy, he never has. Look at him against Silva.. he was throwing the ugliest kicks ever. Not even attempting to land. He just doesn't give a shit and I love it. Who else would get in the ring against Silva and do the things he did and walk out alive? No one that I can honestly think of. Nick is just real and that's why people love him. Perfect case in point.. at the hearing he was at after the fight, concerning his weed smoking, he was was being grilled about smoking weed and most people would have tried to whitewash it somehow .. he was asked when he had smoked weed(I think it was after the fight, I'm not entirely sure.. the video is 3 fucking hours long) but anyway the woman grilling him looks at him and asks him point blank and asks when he had smoked weed after that he answered straight away "When I got home". I love Nick Diaz. <3

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