Number of Migrant Children Detained at Border Has Tripled in Two Weeks

Oh, look, another Democratic Republic that also came out of a bloody civil war (I wonder who they were fighting and who won?) The last time the FMLN (the actual socialists) won an election was in 2009, when the president stole a bunch of money from the country and peaced out to Nicaragua with his son. How many seats do they currently have in the legislature to enact their deep red agenda? A whopping four out of 84. WHAT SOCIALISTS THESE SALVADORANS ARE. And before you say, "Well TGL, clearly I said due to socialism, and if they caused the civil war, then it's their fault!", but clearly not the fucking military dictatorship they were assisting in overthrowing.

Dude, where do you get your numbers? After 2021 they have 23 seated members and have always had a pretty large chunk of representation in recent years.

The issues with South and Central American politics are too complex and nuanced to get into for me right now, but a lot of what you ramble about just seems to boil down to the tired argument that it isn't real socialism so it doesn't really apply. Yes the U.S. is absolutely responsible for a lot of the issues caused by its destabilizing influence in years past, but it wasn't the only player during those times and no longer has the direct influence it once did.


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