Number one step in order to gain mmr

Here's my story, and it involved a venomancer too.

I was playing Luna and this veno would keep taking my last hits. I ask him very nicely, "Can I please have the last hits?"

"Well you could, if you were a better player."

"Well, since you're competing for them, it's hard."

"Fucking noob, you don't even know how to last hit. Your damage is better than mine, so if you knew how to play this game, you'd get all of them" (Something along these lines)

I had to squeeze a stress ball in order to not do anything stupid. I calmly typed "fuck this", muted veno, and went into the jungle. I had a brown boot and a morbid mask at the time.

I remembered the phase boots + MoM + aquilia farm tactic someone had talked about on reddit. Maxed glaives and lunar blessing and farmed like a maniac, ignoring my team's requests to getting involved in the fights, with an occasional "veno's fault" and nothing else in teamchat.

I eventually farmed a butterfly. Saw antimage pushing the top lane alone. He had a fuckload of his creeps present. "Ok, that looks nice", I thought. He instantly blinked away, thinking I was there to fight. Then I killed the entire wave and it gave me a truckload of farm. Decided to push the top tier 1 cause why not. Then antimage decides it's time to punish me. Blinks back in. Mind you, I had level 2 lucent beam and not ult. (Took stats instead)

He starts melting immediately to my normal attacks but persists. "What's he doing?" I think. I get my answer in the all to familiar sound of mana void. However, it leaves me at around 100 hp, and I manage to kill him.

Back to jungling.

I farm a second butterfly. I keep farming and do not get involved in any teamfights. Then I get rosh. Deny aegis cause why not. There's a big teamfight going on but who cares. It's all veno's fault. I take their bottom tier 2 and get the tier 3 to half health. They quickly realize what I'm doing and I run the fuck outta there once I see the TP animations. (Butterfly movespeed ftw)

I farm the enemy jungle and my own jungle too. Then I get a rapier.

The same scenario repeats. Team just won a teamfight without me, and are taking mid rax. I calmly push bottom.

Suddenly, buybacks from the enemies. My team gets rekt. They do manage to get the ranged rax, but everyone dies. Meanwhile, I keep calm and take the bot rax. The enemy's chasing everyone else, so I take the opportunity to take the mid melee rax.

Back to farming. I get BoT. The enemy is winning fights and they got both mega creep lanes pushed out. However, they chose to ignore the top lane. A huge fight is happening, and I take the opportunity to get top rax.

Everyone comes in. One of their supports dies to my glaives bouncing off the buildings. Invo cold snaps me and then all's fucked up. They kill me. The rapier is down.

Antimage proceeds to go on a monster kill streak with the rapier. I calmly buy another rapier and a bkb this time for invo. Jump into a teamfight, still die. Our sniper takes the rapier, antimage somehow dies, we win the game.

Bristleback "Report luna please"


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