Numbers behind the "early pitches" for Harper last night. In the final round his father threw 6 pitches before the previous ball had landed, totally 8.43 seconds of "cheated" time. However, he won the derby with 22 seconds remaining and saw only 47 pitches in the final round, to Schwarber's 52.

This title is bullshit twice over.

He wouldn't have reached overtime in the first place had he not been cheating, so no he didn't have '22 seconds to spare'. He only earned bonus time on his last two hits and those would not have happened without the cheating.

Second, trying to somehow argue that he saw less pitches so it doesn't matter anyway is equally bullshit since Schwarber shanked more balls and took less time stretching between swings in the earlier part of his round. So why even mention that? Its completely irrelevant.

Harper's dad is a cheating fuck and the ump should rightfully be investigated to see if he was paid off.

/s (kinda.. I mean he did legit cheat, but who cares?)

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