Nurses of psych wards, what did a patient do that left you speechless?

I’m not a nurse but work directly with the patients doing groups and rounds and stuff like that. There’s not a universal name for my role though. I have a few stories so far.

Right after I started I walked up on the resolution of a massive event. Big kid 16~18 raged out about something and threw a chair across our front room. Actually broke a few pieces of the fake wood flooring. Then he starts sprinting up and down the unit screaming his head off, pushes a nurse down grabs her badge and runs for the unit door and tries to figure out how it works. Opens it up and he takes 2 steps when he gets dog piled by a shit ton of staff. As he’s getting an IM he looks at the nurse holding his shoulders down and starts screaming about how he’ll murder his wife and children and make him watch as he burns their corpses. After that he was great tbh. Totally calm.

One kid was mad at me because I told him he couldn’t do something that was strictly against unit rules and he raged out. This one was a smaller guy young and full of fury. He did what I can only describe as an attack fart. He walked up to me fists clenched and face wrenched with anger and suddenly made grunting noises then let out a massive fart with his arms out from his sides. Holy shit it took so much not to bust out laughing. Afterwards though man my coworker and I couldn’t stop cracking up.

Responded to a code where this patient threw a nurse back and his head slammed on the corner of a wall jutting out and split his brow open. Nasty stuff. Blood was all over. The patient kept saying how he needs more people to hold him down and how he could kill every one of us with one hand if we let him go.

One patient would put toothpaste in her hair for what she called “highlights.” Shit looked like fucking Radaghast the brown! That was goofy unfortunately she wasn’t. She was an ass. Once she was going on a complaining fit, she had these pretty often and I was talking with another patient who had just gone through a pretty rough flashback when that patient tells me to turn around. I do and see old radaghast standing with a paper. She gives it to me and it is covered in writing that says something to the effect of “fuck you you piece of shit cunt” or something like that. I just say thank you and return to my patient. She didn’t like that and kept throwing a fit... she was not amusing.

It’s a lot working in a psych hospital but honestly those cases are few and far between. Most are depressed kids who need help. I truly can say I love my job. But it’s not easy sometimes.

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