Nurses should not be allowed to wear white coats in the hospital

Oddly enough some jurisdictions require (or heavily recommend) that flight nurses are also paramedics. I think that in some systems it is better defined how paramedics can work under standing orders then nurses are.

There are sometimes also special skills that paramedics can get permission to do that I am not sure nurses can. For example in some rural services paramedic agencies with support of their medical control MD can petition for an expansion of their scope of practice to include giving paralytics for RSI. I don’t think many systems have good guidelines in place to extend the same thing to nurses practicing in a prehospital setting.

To your point though does the setting really matter to syntax? Probably not and I honestly don’t think many first responders care. However there is a great deal of pride among people who work prehospital. It is a very different and often very messy form of medical care. It is essentially a skill set that revolves around keeping all the prices in place (sometimes literally) long enough so you can get them to the appropriately trained and equipped individual who can put the prices back together.

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