A Nursing Assistant in an old folks home goes full anti-vax, on Tik-Tok, in her work uniform and badge. BBJ within the hour

but I can’t imagine you don’t get abused in a healthcare setting as well.

Healthcare is notorious for abusing its workers... and that's before the "customers"/patients come in to the picture.

Which being said my wife originally wanted to get in to nursing because her aunt and mother told her it would be a good easy job. She noped the fuck out of that plan once we talked about some of the "lovely" stories about the day to day duties and abuse my late grandmother had from being a nurse for some decades. Sure, some stuff has gotten better since then, but other things surely have not changed and my wife really does not have the disposition for it honestly... moved on to the other idea of getting in to business and financing to work in the banking sector.

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