[Nuuvem] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Pre-order (89.9 R$/ 33.4$)

There is a difference between buying a game on sale and using inflation of another region to save money. This is why games are starting to become region locked, because people are opportunists and take advantage of this system. Why is this a problem? Let's say the game costs 10 times less in Russia. You ask Russian friend to buy it for you but you send him twice the amount required. That means you both got the game for 1/5th of the U.S.A. price. The game creators and Steam lose.

Let's say Steam increases the price in Russia so that it matches the U.S. dollar value. Your Russian friend can no longer afford games. Your friend, the game creators and Steam lose.

People pirate because they cannot afford it or get it through other means, but also as a way to save money so they can buy other things. Not because they can't afford it, but because it is a way to save money. It is because games get pirated so much that some platforms institute DRM which everyone hates (except in the few instances that get it right like Steam). I believe it's inaccurate to say that pirating inherently only attracts people who can not afford or access the game or to relate it to something such as a beggar stealing bread for his family. Video games are not a necessity and if you can't afford them at the moment, that's not justification to take them. If you couldn't afford a pizza, you wouldn't snatch it out of the deliverers hands and say, "well, I couldnt afford it."

In 2011, it is estimated that 4.5-5 million copies of the Witcher 2 had been pirated. There were only 1 million legitimate sales. Highly unlikely that these people only wanted to test out the game. I'm not trying to condemn anyone who pirates but some of the arguments in favor of piracy that I've seen here are ridiculous. "I'm poor but I still deserve culture," or "it's not really stealing because it's digital" or best of all "not all 4.5 million units would have sold." It's stealing, You are taking money out of the developer's pockets - money that might ideally go towards rewarding employees who worked hard to deliver a great product and fund other great projects in the future.

No one OWES you anything in this life if you fail to EARN it and in the case of videogames, earning the privilege to play means paying what it costs. I'm not going to tell anybody to stop being a thief, but please stop trying to justify it because you're embarrassing yourselves.

Yes, it is only $15 but you must realize that game companies take out loans to cover their expenses for technology and to pay their workers. Especially self published developers such as cd projektRED. While $15 is not much to a developer by itself, it collectively adds up and becomes exponential. If only 100 people grabbed this deal, the developers are out $1500. If 1000, they are out $15,000.

This also becomes a problem when game code is stolen and released before the official launch in games such as "Wolfenstein: TNO." It's really not a victimless crime, you just aren't able to see how the lack of funds can affect a company. Just as people who steal credit card information often see their crimes as victimless. Those are two wildly different things, but the justification behind both of them is the same.

While deals frequently do happen, I doubt this title will go on sale for 50% in the first few weeks. Even if it did, this is set by the developer and seems more of a justification to get a price reduction sooner by illegitimate means rather than later when it is intentionally set at this price. You can buy games that are 10+ years old for less than $5 or even download them for free. It seems irrelevant, as titles lose value as their technology decreases or interest wanes.

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