NYC Equity Firm Makes Multi-Million Dollar Bet on Binghamton's Student Rental Market: Outdated, Inequitable Assessment System Exposed - The Bridge

I work in trades. Ive done work in some of the buildings listed even. The city only makes it hard to renovate historic buildings. They don't give a shit about student housing or anything non-historic. I see broken code daily, out of the last 5 years doing this ive only seen a code inspector once on a job site. The hardest by far place for code enforcement is vestal hands down. Also to add to this id say a good 70%+ of all work you see happening do not have proper permits. Everyone's in on it and no one cares. I see lead paint covered up and asbestos too, sure its legal but don't make it any less grimey. Also ive yet to meet a student-housing land lord that cared about anything other then profits. Some of these luxury apartments are the biggest jokes of all. The corners cut the shit covered up, nothing and I repeat nothing about these places is luxury.

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