NYPD Break Up Crowded Street Of Orthodox Jewish Community Having Rabbi’s Funeral

Religious people are de facto dumber because their beliefs promote intolérance toward those who don't share their beliefs, and in the case of this video, literally put people in danger. You want people to think and live like you, even if they don't share your beliefs. You guys are trying hard to influence the government in order to reach this goal. Example, because your religion sees homosexuality as a sin, then everyone who don't follow your religion needs to stop being gay as well, even though it's not a choice, nor a illness.

Because you forbid abortion within your community, everyone else can't have a abortion either. Because you don't want to have sex outside marriage, then everyone else who don't share you beliefs needs to stop having sex outside marriage too.

And i'm not even talking about the notion of you wishing all kinds of torments for not following your religion, like an eternity of suffering in Hell, some kind of parallel we have no universe we have no evidence of.

People who chose not to believe their family's religion are shunned from their family.

I could go on for hours to demonstrate how stupid and destructive is religion with a mountain of evidence for it.

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