NYPD lieutenant indicted on over 80 counts of child sexual abuse

You dont hear about paramedics and firemen shooting children to death and raping people on the fucking news every day because that doesnt happen often. The police simply have the power to have their way with people because they have legally sanctioned authority and license to commit violence. People with abusive sociopathic and violent tendencies are particularly attracted to the job of policemen for this reason, and therefore yes you can hold the institution as a whole to blame for their multitudes of crimes as well as their complete and utter refusal to hold their own accountable for those crimes. Theyre explicitly told to look the other way when their blue comrades do something wrong. Theyre told to lie about it in court. This is standard practice. Listen to Michael Woods interview on Joe Rogans podcast if u dont believe me hes an ex cop whistleblower.

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