NYPD: Teacher Killed by Cop in Crosswalk “Assumed Risk” by Crossing Street

If only they would apply the same standards to themselves that they would apply to anyone else.

Also, if only they would apply the same standards for how they protect their own as they protected the rest of us.

Earlier this month an undercover NYPD officer was shot up the street from my apartment. Terrible yes, but bear with me. Saw the aftermath on the way back from the grocery store. Cops shut traffic down the block it happened on. Two cops were standing guard at the end of the block and directing traffic. Ya couldn't get on that block unless ya had an ID that proved your address was on the block. Cops at every intersection in (from what I could see) at least a two block radius. Within a half hour, at least 3-4 police helicopters and a couple news choppers for good reason. Loud as fuck. Maybe an hour or two later I have friends showing me news footage of my block on FB "Yo, this is happening up yer hood." An sure 'nuff like rabbits and coathangers there's maybe 6-10 dozen cops at the same intersection there was just two at a bit ago. Long story short, this heavy response was in reaction to two undercover plain clothes narcotics officers trying to make an $80 heroin bust gone wrong. They approached dealers in a car, shit went sideways, guys tried to pull out and escape, with cops literally in tow, and one cop shot his partner in the shoulder when his gun went off while he was trying to ~shoot~ "apprehend" the occupants of the vehicle. 2 dudes were in the car, one guy was outside and ran, hence the manhunt, helicopters, overtime, taxpayer dollars, etc. All over an $80 drug bust gone wrong.

Now here's the thing that really grinds my gears. I live (lived) on a dark block of Brooklyn. There's been a spot for years on my block where the light hasn't been fixed. Now I thought that this was an area where a woman was sexually assaulted on my block, but since arguing this point with my gf, we couldn't decide which or how many sexual assaults have happened on our block since we moved here. We didn't reach this info based off of how many helicopters were in the sky (there wasn't any) but rather word of mouth.

A few days after this cop got shot by his partner, brand new LED lights all up and down the block. Now the block is finally lit, which is great, but something tells me this had less to do with women being sexually assaulted and more to do with this dumbass getting shot.

..AND ANOTHER THING. If this was the projects or a block with less inflated real estate prices, we wouldn't have the more cosmetic anti-crime LED street lamps, we'd have one of those ugly ass NYPD Orwellian overwatch 10,000 lumens mecha-shits.

NYC and the NYPD gotta get their shit together for real.

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