The NYPD's Insubordination–And Why the Right Should Oppose It

Ahh the law of averages....the go to for SJWs. The majority of cops also dont work in major metropolitan areas.

Aren't Major metropolitan areas where the majority of violent crimes occur?

By what metric am I racist? Stop and frisk had a 10% capture rate for law breakers. For a random program that is exceedingly good performance. Random searches generally have a 1-3% conversion rate...but I can tell data isnt your thing.

Youre racist because you endorse a policy to discriminate against other races. Regardless of the program's success, which btw can be argued against since white men are more likely to have guns or drugs than minorities.

No I have no problem seeing others perspective. I can tell quite clearly when one group uses bad logic, dodgy math, and feels to perpetuate victimization like minority groups and legitimate issues of inequitable treatment such as homosexuals and marriage. When you have a criminal record rate of 47%, a dropout rate of 49%, a bad credit rate of 67%, and an absentee father rate of 74%, all of which are personal choices the problem doesn't lie with "racism" it lies with people making shit choices that effect their long term success.

This statement doesnt even make sense in our argument. Since when are we talking about homosexuals and marriage, and do homosexuals have a criminal rate of 47%? That seems high, but I don't see how its relevant unless you're a racist bigot who lumps all minorities into the same group.

Being that you are incapable of looking at the problem without bias and with an analytical mind, you know how problems get solved, I doubt that.

I 100% understand your POV bc its typical of the suburban white, middle class, who havent experienced discrimination based on a specific characteristic and dont grasp the gravity of those beliefs. I am also a white middle class male, but the difference is I have the ability to see the "others" perspective and realize that my particular life experiences arent anymore valid than other peoples' who have to deal with bigots like you who can't grasp that concept.

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