NYT Removes Line Saying AOC Changed Iron Dome Vote Because of “Influential Lobbyists and Rabbis”

And that's why it doesn't matter who the politician who gets elected is. They are always coerced by large voting blocks and corporate interests. Politicians themselves don't actually have any real power. They're just empty figureheads. No matter what particular politician you elected their personal views and morals don't really matter. Two different politicians from the same party in the same position will behave pretty much exactly the same because of outside pressures they must obey.

Politicians really can't do anything. AOC has high hopes and dreams but they wont amount to anything because she's still beholden to the political system and external pressures. In reality politicians don't really have any power. All they can do is go with the flow and do a series of tap dances that will keep them from getting thrown out of office. Of AOC were to do actual things that mattered, it would upset too many people and she would get thrown out of office. The structure of the political system and large conglomerations of voting blocks make it so nothing of significance ever matters.

We have to support Isreal because of the way things are and money interests. Eventually this will lead to a massive war that will hurt America, but we have no choice except to comply with this insane song and dance. Eventually there will be some excuse or some way that American soldiers will have to die for this as there will be a conflict in this region and our military industrial complex will be itching for any kind of war with which to increase their income streams.

AOC can't do anything to stop this. She literally can't make any impact on the country of any significance since, although she is a politician, she herself has no actual power or autonomy to do anything that matters.

If you guys are upset that AOC can't do what you want, then the blame rests on you for not being corporate billionaires that can back her morality with money. She's your representative but you yourself are too poor and too lacking in financial power to matter. You yourself are just too poor for AOC to be able to do the right thing. It's literally not the politicians fault when they are a coward because that is what they have to do when they don't have enough political capital behind them to have the freedom to do what they really want to do.

If you want to blame anyone for these actions, blame yourself for not having enough money and power. Politicians are just puppets that have to obey those who control the resources of their reelection, they don't have choice but to do this.

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