NYTimes shitlording it up!

Patient satisfaction scores are a double edged sword. As a nurse part of the hospitals reimbursement is based off how well I treat patients like they're in a fancy hotel. The fact I get them up force them to take deep breaths and cough after surgery to protect their lungs, start antibiotics on time, brace their chest after open heart surgery so they can get up safely, or recognize when a doctor makes a shitty call on ordering a new med notifying said doctor of mistake get yelled at for bothering the doctor, all mean nothing. What I'll get judged on is hotel service: did I bring their stupid cup of coffee fast enough even though I possibly have another patient deteriorating and not enough help? Do they like the cafeteria food (no because they're on a heart healthy diet that I have no control over anyways)... Yeah it's fucking insulting to be nurse sometimes. I had a goddamn hamburger thrown at me last week because the cafeteria didn't put mustard on it since it's not allowed on the ordered diet and yelled at that were wasn't mayo even though when I ordered it she specifically said no mayo (oh and she had to have me make time to order it because she had special requests that she wasn't happy with anyways).

And based off the surveys patients don't seem to give a shit that you are doing the best thing for their health and actually saving their lives sometimes. They're mad you made them get out of bed and walk around the hall. They're mad they can't have the double cheese burger the family brought because they're diabetic or whatever. It's a losing battle sometimes. Patients who actually give a shit are such a joy to take care of, that fight through the pain to do what they need to with PT that sit up in the chair even though it sucks, the use their incentive spirometer even though it hurts, that treat you like a human, give me 5 of those a day.

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