[o level] seeking advice on how to do well for olevel

so my L1R5 raw is 8 and nett is 5, only el B3 the rest A1. Actually im damn surprised that i get a B3 for el, tbh im aiming for just a pass (C6). My el is rlly bad, and this year listening was rlly tough untill i missed a lot of answers, and i dont really understand the compre passage and qns so i think what makes me getting a B3 is my essay. Ahahahaha maybe it sounds a bit dumb but i literally went to google for good vocabs, phrases and sentences a few days b4 exam. And i memorised most of them and wrote them in my paper, and yup thats it. But this is really like the last minute method so if still have time to improve pls try other ways(hopefully some el genius will share it out to us). For emath rlly nth much to say bcos for emath it is not abt how much u get correct it is abt how many mistakes u can avoid. For bio and chem(or any content based subj) i rlly recommend u to check the subj syllabus (chem is 6092 and bio is 6093), if u can ans all the bullet points then u should be able to do well. I say this bcos i realise sometimes my teachers actually taught us sth beyond the syllabus that is not needed, so just follow the syllabus and just learn what u need to learn.

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