Obama Has Waited Longer For Cabinet Confirmations Than Any Other Recent President

Which countries fell to immigration?

The native americans, Rome, many African countries throughout history. Ever hear of the spanish inquisition, or perhaps of the balkans?

Why don't you go ask france how their muslim immigration is working out for them. They wish they never let them in because they don't assimilate.

The fact is we have a legal method of immigration processes to protect the citizens already here to maintain the quality of our country. That legal process ensures that they have a job and can support themselves, speak our language, have no criminal past, and understand our history, our constitution, and our laws.

This isn't rocket science. It's called national sovereignty. Maybe you've never traveled to any other country, so you've never seen how horrible other places are, so you don't quite understand how good we have it here and why we need to protect it. But you can't bring in non assimilated people, with no process to protect our own citizens and expect everything to work out. Especially when they are just letting them flood in across the border and driving them around and dispersing them around the country without any actual checks on the tax payer dime. They are eligible for benefits and they are allowing them to serve in the military.

Think about that for a second. Everyone likes to say "the military would never turn on American citizens"... but what about when many members of the military aren't even American citizens themselves? You don't think that's a bit of a conflict of interest?

New York says they want to let them vote after paying 3 years of back taxes... and with a SS# nobody can stop them from voting, and nobody is checking for voter fraud because they claim checking for voter fraud is racist... it's like the twilight zone talking to people like you.

I didn't want to believe you could be an American citizen and hate your country and it's fellow men so much. Most of my friends are legal immigrants and people of many backgrounds. I throw charity events to help the homeless, so I see all the people we can't afford to take care of. I look them in the eye and talk to them. Do you? Because, the policies you are advocating for, not only take jobs those people desperately need that already don't exist, but take tax payer money to support Americans already here that need it, to people who broke our laws to come here and soak up benefits that don't speak our language, know our laws, don't care to assimilate and wave their flag and culture as if it's something they are proud of and not something they fled from.

The only racist here, is you, my friend. You hate white people and equate protecting American sovereignty with the KKK. If all else fails, just call the person racist... democrat playbook 101. Sorry, champ, I'm not sure why you hate white people, but you should really try to educate yourself on national sovereignty, history, and the constitution. Read the federalist papers, because you are seriously clueless of reality and how it actually functions.

Go ahead and abandon your argument for more ad hom attacks. All you've proven is that you have no argument and your stance is based entirely on your emotions that are grounded in any kind of rational logic whatsoever.

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