Obama warns Democrats against 'Tea Party mentality' and that “If you don’t get everything you want, it’s not always because the person you elected sold you out" - How will this affect the Democratic race?

aw i wanna read that. i kind of wished some of my favorite posters on other sites would make a book out of their answers. thats really cool that ur doing that.

you seem to take politics in this reflexive and pragmatic way. ur obviously really knowledgeable and a pleasant and enjoyable writer to read too. that last quality really makes me love anyone regardless of their opinions. i kind of feel bad that i'd just be one of those ignorant sanders supporters that can't articulate his opinions if i piped up about politics.

what reading ur comment exchange above made me think is about how there's just really such different types of people out there. im definitely going to be one of those people that decides things based on if they are agreeable to me on the surface. i could read all the great books of history and its not even really going to make me care a little about the practical reality of politics when it comes to siding with one side or the other, or put facts and details above my impressions.

i dont think anything could turn someone like me into someone like u. even if i was at no big disadvantage in any area to u. make me as well read and smart as you. there can still be and are divides between people by their natures, however smart or perceptive they might be, thats gonna make them come out on different sides about nearly everything.

for some weird reason i love writers who wrote about social problems and how to fix them. on the radical side i like henry george and stuff about land reform and land tax. but i like rousseau and his idealism soo much also, i read like all his writings with a lot of enjoyment. i thin hes so precious. and chesterton is prolly y favorite writer of them all and he was beyind the theory of distribution, another method of land reform. but i also dont mind listening to thomas carlyle and his theory about heroes and their prime importance to history. i believe in heroes too and their sacredness. even john stuart mill who was in the thick of the incremental kind of change that people who believe in politics must believe in, i feel like was a really lovely guy as well. almost any of the famous writers or figures of history i've become acquainted with by their books ive really loved.

i kind of wonder where this leaves me about politics . am i just another silly sanders supporter? i really dont think the place for me is politics in any shape or form, because there is no way i could get respect thinking what i think or how i expressed it.

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