'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Stars and Director on Season 2 Hopes: “There are more stories”

Doesn't matter, I just enjoy the good and ignore the rest. R2D2 is suddenly full of flammable oil that would make him way more than normal and just a minute earlier he jumped out of a Jedi Starfighter like he weighs two pounds? Yep it is dumb. In the same part a whole platform crushes Ben but he is fine? Yep it is dumb. The dialog with Grievous is silly? "We are still flying half a ship" cringe....

Solution? Fast forward to Ani and Padma, "I am pregnant" and enjoy the show from there.

Boba Fett in town is cheap and cringe, fast forward and watch the Sand people parts. He isn't entertained by Boba hanging with a Rancor, give that a watch. An only west shootout? Give it a watch.

Hate Rise of Skywalker? Just don't watch it. The only part I watch of Attack if the Clone is Ben and Jango. I call it, Detective Obi wan and it is a great short film.

One Episode one came out, I started skipping to the good parts. It works every time.

So far, the only part I would watch again in this show is the parts with Uncle Owen. The rest is.... Meh.

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