Obnoxious maintainer of core-js is going to jail for killing a pedestrian with his motorcycle

Yeah, I'm saying nobody should. What do you think happens to correct the prisoner in there? Do you think states with the death penalty have lower murder rates? So it's not corrective and it's not a deterrent. Is it punitive? The only benefit of punitive action to the citizen is the warm fuzzy feeling idiots feel when they hear about the suffering of others and sneer "good! He was a criminal!"

The reason they are placed into captivity is for profit.

Like trained dogs, people will emotionally argue for the system that puts them in cages for money.

If you're asking for a better system, I say exile from the benefits of society like police, firefighters, etc. It's a choice and a person can choose to live in our current system or chose to live by their own rules.

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