Obsessed over AP appearance, want to wait outside work to find out.

Don’t do it. Truuuuuuuust me.

Your brain will find something (or a few things) to hyper focus on and you’ll torture yourself. Those things could become your triggers and you’ll be miserable when something so benign comes into your life.

I’m making up this example because my IRL examples are too specific. Say red is your favorite color. And you see AP. If she is wearing a red shirt, red shirts could become your trigger. Every red shirt will set you off. Or if you love messy buns... If she’s wearing a messy bun you’ll have a lifelong issue with them. Imagine giving up your favorite hairstyle because of someone like that...

This is absolutely one of those ignorance is bliss situations.

She “stole” your husband... (your words, not mine) don’t let her steal your sanity.

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