It's so obvious and they still miss it

Yeah they don't understand how dumb the reply also sounds. It's even dumber than the original comment, which mind you, is extremely stupid.

This vax is so effective you still have to wear a mask, you still have to get tested before you travel, and you're more likely to catch the delta variant of the virus.

What's happening is exactly what science does predict, if the vax doesn't kill the virus it is extremely likely to enhance it and make it stronger. In Britain, about half the new hospitalizations were vaxxed people.

Let alone the fact that two of those vaccines are new technologies that likely have long term effects. There are a few (Chinese, Russian) that may have shirt term effects but are likely safe on the long term, the same can't be said for pfizer.

You don't have to be religious to argue against it. What we have are only bits and pieces of information that conflict with each other. In the 70s there were 'scientists' who said smoking was all good. Big money produces its own 'science' and big pharma has a ton of that.

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