[OC] American attitudes toward political, activist, and extremist groups

... So you're looking at the PDF that explicitly lists the over 10,000 animals they treated & returned and saying it doesn't include that information? Are you just being intentionally obtuse, then? I assumed you were looking at an edited version because you were the one saying it was missing information that it does in fact include, not because I "wanted it to be".

And tons of dogs are surrendered because a family doesn't feel like taking care of it anymore. They aren't necessarily in bad health or bad behavioral problems.

Ooof let's try repeating this a third time and see if it gets through. If you had a healthy happy animal that you wanted to surrender because you didn't want it anymore or your life circumstances changed, where would you take it? To a medical clinic, or to an adoption agency? I would hope, assuming you're reasonably sane, you would choose the latter. Now imagine a scenario where you take your dog to the vet and come home without it. Do you think your dog was healthy and happy when you brought it to the vet when you imagine that scenario?

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