[OC] [ART] Kavir unn Anym, the warforged grave cleric!

Ah, the Dumb God argument. In this case pertaining to a Race Kelemvor would not be a fan of. Why would a God of Death want an immortal servant?

Any Warforged that don't understand their existence are brain dead. Made to fight a war and given freedom. Not something to lose sleep over.

I'm just asking questions you don't have the answers to. But this is what I get for wondering why Warforged do anything. I know people are downvoting me for even hinting that Warforged aren't human, but I don't care. I want to know why people create a construct character and leave it at the simple "Robot not knowing how to human" story and not thinking beyond.

I think it would be ground breaking for a Warforged to actually see itself as a construct. Would that be weird or what?

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