[OC] it's been a while since i posted here...it's my last semester of university

This is only the second post of yours that I’ve commented on. You’re ultra hot so I followed you but a couple things rub me the wrong way about you.

The phrase “content creator” means different things to different people. Amateur porn star just doesn’t seem to fit that title. Maybe add adult to that and it clarifies without being so broad and umbrella.

It also annoys me that you’d use this platform to boost your follower count on something like twitch where hot girl streamers are a dime a dozen and are only looking for tips while they play games and produce lackluster entertainment content of very little value. Just clogging the space.

Also if you’re graduating with a degree in engineering why in the world would you go into the sex industry?

You do you. I’m literally just some asshole on the internet.

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