[OC] Histogram of my music library as album covers

About a decade ago I had to get some really nice headphones for work-related stuff, and I naturally used them to listen to music while not working.

I was shocked to be able to hear things I'd never even gotten a hint of on my run of the mill beats-style headphones (popular, but cheapish for the price you pay, etc) listening to an album with 2,000+ plays. Ever since then I've been a low-grade audiophile, but getting my hands on lossless music (often non-streaming, and all music on Apple for longer than it should have been). It's so much better, and if you really love music, even if it's filler for white noise, the investment in some quality gear goes a really long way, especially when you're talking about a solid board (DAC)-even the portable ones out now are pretty damn good.

Plus, it's fun to have a little media server up to share music with your parents if they aren't tech savvy, throughout your home, or if you want to introduce your friends to a few new songs.

And for me it's an extra bonus because I seem to be the only person that doesn't like Spotify - it may be the best thing out there for streaming, but if that's the case then the bar is set too low in my opinion.

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