[OC] Impact of race and parental income on a child's earning potential

The freeing of slaves in the US began in 1777, and ended with the final state abolishing slavery in 1865. That was just under 170 years ago. The market price (adjusted) of a slave was around $200 in the 1860s (Pritchett & Chamberlain, 1993; et New York Times, 1863).

Let's try to put that in perspective. Do you know of anything worth $200 that made most people that had it significantly, generationally wealthy in 1965, 70 years ago? Now add an extra 100 years. Do you really think 170 years after someone spent $200 that they're really living in the lap of luxury? Can you name a business that's been nonstop successful, that most people had access to, from the early 1800s? (Remember, the abolishment of slavery began in the 1770s. The $200 source is from the very last decade of slavery legally existing, in order to give you the strongest position possible.) At some point, you need to look around yourself and stop blaming people who have been dead for well over a hundred (and fifty!) years. It's not your historical situation. And looking at the statistics, it's probably not even you, an individual. The Black community has a huge problem here in America, and it's their own culture.

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