[OC] A list of all the disciplinary issues that Icardi caused at Inter Milan.

I honestly do not give a shit about the drama or the football part as its only a job and it's not illegal to be an asshole. There are many, many, many assholes all around creating problems at their workplace because they want to move or get a raise or whatever. But to abuse a man by playing his 'money and fame' whore of a wife and take his kids too? Unless Maxi was abusive to them or something then there is no justification whatsoever. So many great dads work away from their family so unless you can prove that Maxi was actually abusing them or hurting them in any way then you should just accept that a piece of shit like Icardi is a shit stain on the human race. As far as I'm concerned I'd be happy if he collapsed on the field and died chocking.

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