[OC] "Come to medbay!" I said..

Saying "maybe don't cheat" sounds super passive-aggressive, I hope you know that. And it really sounds like you're jumping to a conclusion, and when I said "getting mad" I was talking about that comment. (oh and btw I also hate it when people say you're getting emotional because THEY cheated, it's annoying as hell.)

And as for the "mute" thing, I genuinely forgot to mute, that's why I opened discord, I was going to mute, it was only after I said I had scan that I had realized I shouldn't have said it, which is why I had opened discord to mute.

Trust me, I hate cheaters just as much as you do, and I find it sad that people need to cheat, and tell each other who killed them on discord, to feel avenged. But I don't think that telling people you have scan at medbay is considered bad cheating, Especially compared to some of the other lobbies I've been in.

Anyways, Im going to delete this clip later because it really demotivates me seeing the replies, I really hope you have a good life, and I'll try to be more strict with myself when it comes to using discord in among us.

(oh and also not uploading clips with my real voice on the internet lol)

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