Ocasio-Cortez criticizes GOP for 'projecting their sexual frustrations' at her

False. Masks do help to protect you. They do not provide perfect coverage but they mitigate infection risk.

This is not correct but I don't know why I'm trying to rationalize with a politics user. Masks do not, under any circumstances, protect the wearer. Anyone that is telling you this is lying or misinformed.

It was the holiday. Please stop trying to misrepresent facts.

Covid stops spreading during a holiday? She is out vacationing, regardless whether it is a holiday or not, while her state is experiencing the worst Covid crisis in the entire world. If she wants the typical 9-5, Christmas holidays off, then she should give her job to someone that will do it. People dying, hospitals over crowded, people waiting 5 hours to get one test, and she's out on "holiday".

Maybe you should educate yourself on some facts, or you can pretend that it isn't hypocritical of AOC to be doing this.

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