Ocasio-Cortez floats 70 percent tax on the super wealthy to fund Green New Deal

So instead of getting a third job and not being in poverty she decided to continue to be a leach on the system.

Did you understand the issue? Let me draw it out for you, I'd use crayons if you were around.

I don't remember the numbers but let's say: she was making $15k on 2 jobs. Income 15k or under qualifies you and your children to get medical insurance. Medical insurance that will pay for overinflated medicine prices and doctor's care. I'd say it could be thousands. Losing medical insurance when you have children is not an option. And the food stamps help about $200/month.

A third job would put her over $15k. Let's say she would have made an extra $4k from the 3rd job. The extra $4000 wouldn't do much if a medical emergency were to occur. On top of losing $2400/year in food.

A good way to fix this would be to have brackets, just like taxes.

Great values to teach your kids.

The values I learned from that was... do the math and take the best option presented to you when things get tough. And put your health first and prepare for emergencies.

Your parents didn't seem to do much for you.

"Kids, don't work to get off of people giving you assistance. Instead, find out how much you can make and still get assistance because it costs too much to be financially independent."

Refer to point #1 about financial independence.

And lastly, I can guarantee I make more money and pay more taxes than you.

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