Ocasio-Cortez: New Rule: anyone that was cool with the GOP inventing $2 trillion out of thin air for freebies for people with yachts that have tiny yachts inside doesn’t get to demand how we pay for people who need chemotherapy treatments.

It's not fair to give an organ to somebody near the end of their life

So late 50’s is near end of life? Good grief, we better round up the baby boomers and take them out behind the woodshed then.

We onviously fundamentally disagree on what fairness means. Just because someone is younger doesn’t mean anything to me. If you wait in a line you’re next in line.

Thank you for the data, but how do you know the data isn’t being cherry-picked? My experiences are anecdotal, but it’s amazing that my friends from the UK, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, who now live in the USA all agree that wait times are significantly less in the USA, provided you have insurance.

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