Ocelote: poaching season started

I do understand what potential is but even then, it is way too early to use that word. An era needs a preceding history of greatness which Na'Vi does not have after 2 tournaments. They also do not have the potential for it - yet.

Also do you not realize how ridiculous you sound with your gigantic list of "IFs" after one tournament? They win a singular tournament and you're already dreaming about events months from now? What history do Na'Vi have right now to say they'll replicate this form at Cologne? One BLAST from a month ago? Great. In that case, I'll be sure to my put my chips into Astralis who've actually shown to bounce back from slumps, win multiple massive tournaments in a row, and don't need a laundry list of "IFs".

Face it, you're way too caught up in this recent Na'Vi hype train, and I don't blame you, but talking about eras - potential or otherwise - is ridiculous at this point.

Also, North won a Masters, not a Summer.

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