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Name: Keldabe Dox

Age: 16

Species: Zelosion

Planet of Birth: Coruscant

Rank: Padawan

Master: Vergere

Current Assignment: Idle

Additional Notes: Instructor Gileko Temji’s Assessments attached to file.

Opening Instructor Assessment: Log #1

Log #1: Today I’ve received the new initiates finally old enough to take classes. I’ve been informed by the nursery caretakers of a certain youngling. Keldabe Dox. This one seems to be quite the case. They informed me that he was found amongst the aftermath of a shootout in the lower levels of Courscant. He was in the arms of, what was presumed to be, his deceased father. Right now it is still speculation, but it might be the explanation for his, shall we say, condition. Since he was brought to the temple, Keldabe has been surrounded by a dark side aura. What exactly is the source of this? The caretakers and seers have examined him for years and have come up short. I’ve been instructed to keep a close eye on Keldabe and monitor his condition to see if anything changes. I must admit though when I first approached him I could sense the foul nature of the dark side around him. I don’t wish to speak ill of a youngling, but his presence is quite frightening. However, as his instructor, I cannot let this interfere with my duties. I will be keeping logs of his time here in the clan.

End of Log: #1

Opening Instructor Assessment: Log #18
Log #18: It’s been ten years since young Keldabe was brought to the temple as an infant. I'm afraid to report that little has changed with his condition. The aura of the dark side still surrounds him. We still cannot ascertain what the cause is or why the dark side favors this youngling. A possible theory might be the circumstances of his birth. Being born in the middle of death and violence could very well have had an effect on him.

Sadly, Keldabe's misfortune only seems to grow. The other younglings seem to have sensed his dark side aura. At first, they began to fear him, isolating him from all activities. As the years went by his treatment was only getting worse. Before it was simply isolation, now they openly mock and insult him. They've come to call him "Sithspawn" on a regular basis, never addressing him by name as if he wasn't one of them, let alone another living being.
Words then turned to violence. There were multiple incidents of some of the younglings hitting Keldabe or even starting fights. In sparring sessions, his opponents would often take things too far if they win. To my surprise, there have been no acts of retaliation from Keldabe. For one surrounded by the dark side, the boy has shown more restraint than some Knights that I know. But Keldabe wears a metaphorical mask every day. When he talks to me he pretends nothing is wrong. While he has genuine interests and hobbies such as slicing, droidcraft, and puzzle-solving, he seems to use these activities as ways to keep himself company and drown out his sorrows.
I can sense the young one's pain and hear his quiet sobs when he's alone. I believe I'm the only one he has to talk to. I try my best to make him feel like he is one of us because he is one of us, but I have to limit myself at times as to not become attached to him as if he were my own apprentice. I think what shocked me the most was when some of the initiates came to ask certain questions. "Why is he allowed here? Isn't the dark side bad?" "Is he going to grow up to be a Sith?" "When is he going to be kicked out?" "Was he born this way?" I could understand their fear, they did not know what to make of him. But to directly come to me and ask such things, it tells me things are much worse than I feared. These are his peers, they are all going to grow up with him to become Padawans, then Knights, and some even Masters. If they can't come to accept him soon, I dare not wish to think what he will go through in the coming years.

End of log #18

Opening Instructor Assessment: Log #30

Log #30: Officially my job as Instructor over Keldabe is over, so there is no need to write this report to the council. But something tells me the council won't be the only ones reading these reports soon enough. What I saw at the Padawan Tournament today amazed me. As the Force would have it, Keldabe was matched against Ruloo. As I mentioned in previous reports, Roluu seemed to have been Keldabe's personal tormentor and is responsible for much of the poor treatment he has received from his peers.
Their match was one I believe will go down in their clan's history. The two of them are spectacular duelists in their own right, but their duel isn't what caught me by surprise, it was what happened after. Keldabe won the match, but Roluu couldn't accept defeat at the hands of a "Sithspawn". Ruloo called his cohorts to his side to attack Keldabe three to one. I don't know if I felt shock or disgust at that moment. Not just because of Ruloo, but at the inaction of the masters. I was told that they wanted to see if the four of them could resolve their differences peacefully and reconcile. I can believe Master Yoda, but some of the other masters? I will not name names, but I've come to learn that some of the Knights and Masters were as disgusted by Keldabe's presence as his peers.
I digress, however. When Keldabe was being confronted he stood his ground. There was no fear. He glared back at them with his saber ready. I knew he was just as tired of being pushed around as I was witnessing it. But then out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the initiates jump into the ring. The only thing that didn't shock me was that it was Powlin. He was one of the only younglings that didn't partake in Keldabe's daily torment, but he did remain silent to keep his reputation intact. I figure he was at his limit as well. Keldabe certainly wasn’t expecting a helping hand, but the way those two stood side by side, you would have thought they've through wars together.
Keldabe and Powlin stood firm but didn't strike first, as is the Jedi way. Ruloo's group on the other hand never seemed to have learned that lesson. Funny enough, they were struck down as fast as they struck first. It all ended so fast.
When it came time for the Padawans to be selected I was almost ready to resign as Instructor and take Keldabe under my wing. I had long feared that despite Keldabe's talents and potential he would be overlooked because of his tether to the dark side. It's not his fault. He didn't choose this. He deserved so much better. After all the Padawns were chosen, Keldabe was the only one left.
I'll admit it, that was painful to see. Him just standing alone in the middle of the room while newly paired masters and apprentices got to know one another. I could even see a couple of the Padawans smirk at his expense.
Right then and there I was ready to take him on as my Padawan, but then he just walked off. I turned to see where he was going and I was filled with relief. Master Vergere was there waiting for him. I didn't even know she was watching the whole time.
Keldabe went to her as if they were Master and Padawan long before today. I honestly can't say I'm too surprised. She was the one that found him and brought him to the temple. Now that I think about, out of all the Masters that would come visit the clan, she was the one that came by the most. And that's saying a lot given how rare of a sight Master Vergere is.
I'm just glad everything worked on in the end. I'm no seer, but I can tell Keldabe has a bright future ahead as a Jedi despite the dark side trailing him. If there is a master that will do right by him, I know Vergere will train him well.

Keldabe, I know that one day you'll be reading these files despite their restricted access. You always had a strange fascination with slicing.
From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry. As your Instructor, I should have never let things got as bad as they did. Not even close. I should have instilled the concepts of empathy and love for your fellow initiates better. Even though I stepped in as much as I could it still wasn't enough. You have an entire order of brothers and sisters that are supposed to be there for you yet you were alone. I can never apologize enough for failing you. If there's anything I can do to even begin making it up to you, please let me know. If you are ever in need of anything, I will always be there for you. You have my word.

After I conclude this final report, I will resign as an Instructor. I am no longer confident in my ability to nurture and teach the next generation of Jedi. Not after a failing like this. I will need time to meditate and reflect long and hard about my purpose within the Order.
May the Force be with you, Keldabe Dox. And may the Jedi Order forever be by your side.

End of Log #30

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