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First of all, I want to thank /u/niehaus for collecting the most used words for each subreddit (thread here). His data was the reason I was able to make this post.

If shortened nicknames of teams were included in the top 1000, I added them in to the counts as well (Pats, Bucs, Jags, Hawks, Skins, Niners etc.)

Here's the overall number of times a team was mentioned in any team subreddit except their own:

Team #
Patriots 11958
Seahawks 9979
Packers 8531
Jets 8298
Browns 7897
Saints 7430
Cowboys 6980
Broncos 6734
Steelers 6704
Eagles 6537
Bears 6490
49ers 6142
Giants 5862
Raiders 5603
Colts 4848
Ravens 4362
Bills 3943
Lions 3845
Chargers 3299
Vikings 3237
Bengals 2924
Chiefs 2948
Rams 2904
Falcons 2712
Texans 2618
Cardinals 2567
Redskins 2440
Panthers 2424
Titans 1887
Dolphins 1742
Buccaneers 1430
Jaguars 1126

Now here's each team in alphabetical order and the number of mentions for their division rivals, their top five mentioned non-division teams, and then the top five teams that mentioned them.


Most Mentioned Team: Seahawks - 2101

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Seahawks|2101 Cardinals|307 Rams|301

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Cowboys|420 Packers|417 Raiders|414 Giants|400 Saints|334

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Seahawks|1643 Packers|686 Panthers|551 Raiders|543 Cardinals|494


Most Mentioned Team: Packers - 2471

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Packers|2471 Lions|594 Vikings|294

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Bills|371 Patriots|332 Jets|297 49ers|224 Browns|218

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Packers|1955 Lions|998 Vikings|462 49ers|287 Cowboys|276


Most Mentioned Team: Steelers - 1202

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Steelers|1202 Browns|1016 Ravens|479

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Patriots|512 Broncos|228 Saints|222 Chargers|202 Falcons|167

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Browns|429 Ravens|426 Steelers|418 Patriots|272 Chargers|222


Most Mentioned Team: Patriots - 771

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Patriots|771 Jets|626 Dolphins|263

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Browns|414 Lions|229 Bears|202 Packers|184 Chargers|183

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Dolphins|998 Lions|373 Bears|371 Jets|371 Browns|282


Most Mentioned Team: Patriots - 1153

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Raiders|1029 Chargers|632 Chiefs|310

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Patriots|1153 Seahawks|1036 Colts|243 49ers|200 Jets|192

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Patriots|1292 Seahawks|980 Chargers|836 Colts|404 Raiders|286


Most Mentioned Team: Steelers - 1252

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Steelers|1252 Ravens|588 Bengals|429

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Bills|282 Colts|275 Saints|206 Patriots|199 Jets|125

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Steelers|1496 Bengals|1016 Ravens|855 Texans|675 Bills|414


Most Mentioned Team: Saints - 271

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Saints|271 Panthers|173 Falcons|155

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Bears|235 Patriots|178 Browns|176 Steelers|150 Raiders|132

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Panthers|201 Falcons|185 Lions|126 Bears|119 Jets|119


Most Mentioned Team: Seahawks - 711

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Seahawks|711 49ers|494 Rams|304

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Eagles|247 Cowboys|246 Broncos|240 Lions|197 Steelers|192

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Rams|394 Seahawks|350 Eagles|338 Cowboys|336 Lions|309


Most Mentioned Team: Raiders - 1300

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Raiders|1300 Broncos|836 Chiefs|402

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Patriots|441 Seahawks|437 Jets|245 Bengals|222 Steelers|203

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Broncos|632 Raiders|290 Dolphins|260 Seahawks|244 Bengals|202


Most Mentioned Team: Raiders - 223

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Raiders|223 Chargers|176 Broncos|76

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Steelers|131 Ravens|102 Browns|85 Cardinals|73 Jaguars|71

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Chargers|402 Broncos|310 Steelers|290 Raiders|253 Patriots|217


Most Mentioned Team: Patriots - 1151

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Texans|328 Jaguars|97 Titans|83

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Patriots|1151 Broncos|404 Seahawks|244 Eagles|222 Ravens|216


Most Mentioned Team: Eagles - 1857

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Eagles|1857 Giants|809 Redskins|804

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Seahawks|528 Cardinals|336 Colts|331 Texans|331 49ers|308

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Eagles|1843 Redskins|848 Giants|652 Texans|529 49ers|420


Most Mentioned Team: Jets - 2993

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Jets|2993 Patriots|1270 Bills|998

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Packers|267 Broncos|261 Chargers|260 Lions|251 Ravens|244

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Patriots|278 Bills|263 Jets|255 Lions|163 Ravens|135


Most Mentioned Team: Cowboys - 1843

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Cowboys|1843 Giants|869 Redskins|780

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Seahawks|529 Saints|463 Colts|364 Packers|342 Cardinals|338

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Cowboys|1857 Giants|863 Redskins|813 Packers|335 Saints|282


Most Mentioned Team: Saints - 1789

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Saints|1789 Panthers|363 Buccaneers|185

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Bears|226 Lions|169 Seahawks|161 Browns|154 Cardinals|153

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Saints|686 Panthers|519 Lions|184 Bengals|167 Buccaneers|155


Most Mentioned Team: Eagles - 863

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Eagles|863 Cowboys|652 Redskins|318

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Patriots|346 Jets|202 Jaguars|153 Rams|131 Colts|125

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Eagles|869 Cowboys|809 49ers|400 Redskins|362 Patriots|329


Most Mentioned Team: Titans - 415

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Titans|415 Colts|197 Texans|173

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Browns|263 Steelers|143 Cowboys|95 Eagles|90 Seahawks|88

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Giants|153 Cowboys|137 Redskins|113 Colts|97 Ravens|94


Most Mentioned Team: Patriots - 1257

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Patriots|1257 Bills|371 Dolphins|255

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Giants|322 Raiders|265 Bears|227 Packers|202 Steelers|196

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Dolphins|2993 Patriots|1181 Bills|626 Raiders|368 Bears|297


Most Mentioned Team: Packers - 1283

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Packers|1283 Bears|998 Vikings|370

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Bills|373 Patriots|369 Saints|326 Cardinals|309 Giants|305

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Packers|768 Bears|594 Vikings|354 Dolphins|251 Bills|229


Most Mentioned Team: Bears - 1955

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Bears|1955 Lions|768 Vikings|757

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- 49ers|686 Seahawks|543 Patriots|515 Eagles|335 Giants|261

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Bears|2471 Vikings|1335 Lions|1283 49ers|417 Dolphins|267


Most Mentioned Team: Saints - 875

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Saints|875 Falcons|519 Buccaneers|201

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- 49ers|551 Steelers|395 Seahawks|241 Patriots|208 Ravens|179

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Falcons|363 49ers|307 Saints|228 Seahawks|177 Buccaneers|173


Most Mentioned Team: Broncos - 1292

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Jets|1181 Dolphins|278 Bills|93

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Broncos|1292 Colts|477 Giants|329 Seahawks|307 Bengals|272

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Dolphins|1270 Jets|1257 Broncos|1153 Colts|1151 Bills|771


Most Mentioned Team: 49ers - 543

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Chargers|290 Broncos|286 Chiefs|253

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- 49ers|543 Jets|368 Patriots|271 Seahawks|167 Giants|141

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Chargers|1300 Broncos|1029 49ers|414 Jets|265 Dolphins|233


Most Mentioned Team: Seahawks - 439

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Seahawks|439 Cardinals|394 49ers|362

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Browns|220 Raiders|193 Cowboys|150 Redskins|122 Patriots|112

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Cardinals|304 49ers|301 Seahawks|260 Vikings|249 Cowboys|220


Most Mentioned Team: Steelers - 1143

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Steelers|1143 Browns|855 Bengals|426

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Patriots|261 Colts|249 Broncos|188 Saints|181 Texans|161

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Steelers|891 Browns|588 Bengals|479 Texans|320 Dolphins|244


Most Mentioned Team: Falcons - 686

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- Falcons|686 Panthers|228 Buccaneers|111

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Seahawks|398 Eagles|282 49ers|259 Vikings|256 Browns|214

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- Falcons|1789 Panthers|875 Vikings|692 Seahawks|531 Eagles|463


Most Mentioned Team: 49ers - 1643

Division Rivals|# Mentioned :--|-:- 49ers|1643 Cardinals|350 Rams|260

Non-Division Top 5|# Mentioned :--|-:- Broncos|980 Saints|531 Patriots|287 Packers|260 Chargers|244

Top 5 Mentioned By|# Mentioned :--|-:- 49ers|2101 Broncos|1036 Cardinals|711 Eagles|529 Giants|528

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