Off Day Thread - 12/21/18 - It's Friday, Friday, Gettin' Down On Friday Before Xmas

Vote for me. I have no super pac. I'm funded by the American people 27$ at a time. It's time we get the money out of politics we all know are politicians are corrupt. Vote for Someone you can trust and inspires you. We need a political revolution. We need to put people in Washington who will fight for us and NOT THEIR DONORS!

PS- if you live in california. Our vote will matter in the primary. California vote has been moved up so now they are one of the first people to vote in primaries. Also you will hear the name Kamala Harris on tv. California senator. Don't trust them. Also with Beto O'rourke. Don't trust them. THE ESTABLISHMENT LIKES THEM. PEOPLE ON TV WILL SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT THEM. But for me. They will talk bad about me. They'll say I'm to old and im a white male. They will do identity politics. They won't talk about policies. They do this because they know I'm not the status quo. I'll bring real change to the average American. I ask for your vote.

Thank you and god bless America

Go giants and Beat LA ( but la voters vote for me )

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