• We're opening at 7, closing at 5. I'm guessing our stadium entrance will be open.

  • Baseballs and sharpies are along the register. A baseball in a case is $25; we also sell cases separately.

  • We sent all our Metallica stuff away; all that's left is Big and Tall shirts (3-4 XXL)

  • Gold jerseys are $49.99 until they're gone. We have HELLA Bumgarner, lots of Hudson, Peavy, Pence, and Petit, and some Posey. That's about it. They're replicas with just the number on the back. We also have blanks, but no gold lettering to customize.

  • We now have men's black jerseys back in stock, but no pre made player replicas. We have black lettering though, so you're good.

  • if you're unfamiliar with jerseys, there are two kinds: authentic and replica. Authentic is what the players wear, the seamstress who makes em also does the players. They're a little longer, hand-stitched, and have the Giants patch on the left sleeve. Replicas have steam press lettering, are a little shorter, and have no patches this year (obvs, no more WS champs). The pricing is $265 for player authentic, $225 for blank. If you wanna customize authentics, it's $10 per number/letter and takes 6-8 weeks (the seamstress is on vacation rn). Player replicas are $155, blank is $115. Player customization is $40, and $5 for a personal name; customizing replicas takes us 10-45 minutes, depending on how busy the store is.

  • Not a ton of men's clearance left; mostly polos and ugly sweaters.

  • New hair shirts for Cueto, Shark, and Bum. Bum is black shirt, Cueto and Shark are orange.

  • No, we don't have Cueto hair hats and I hope we never do...

  • We are severely understaffed rn and only were able to hire like 8 new people in the offseason (they normally hire like 30) so we kind and patient.

  • If you have a chip card that is labeled debit, it will run as a debit, even if you wanna do credit. Our system is weird.

  • Don't pull your chip card out until the cashier tells you to or you'll get double charged and we'll get in trouble.

That's about it. We're not having any super big sales. HMU with any other questions you got!

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