Off Duty Texas Police officer arrests a Black Pageant winner for telling him it was illegal to allow his 14 year old daughter to drive

So Crews, the police chief, was letting his 14 year old daughter drive a car while he was in the passenger seat. The kid was driving badly (imagine). and Ponders (beauty queen turns out), got frustrated as anyone would and went around the badly driven car (I can imagine the kid stalling and such and any of us would do that). This pissed off the chief, who found where she parked and accosted her. She ignored him and went on into Walmart. He waits for her and in plain clothes tells her he is detaining her. The part I like is reading the PD's explanation of events and that Crews, the chief, "got involved in a dispute that had occurred between two motorists." No pal, you were the dispute!

He then uses his power -- having already used his authorator to keep the young lady against her will -- to have his people, cops, arrest her and hold her overnight ffs..

And then the cop who "detains" her gives that ever so rarely order of, "apologize to my chief.." tf?!?

What would any of us do?

"Pride comes before the fall..". This guy had mountains of pride and now he's out of a job, never to be chief again .. good.

Don't abuse your power you tools!

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