Off Risperidone and on Abilify. Finally seeing major progress.

I managed to lose about 30 pounds after gaining a lot of weight on a Risperidone-derived medication, but I’m 5’7.5” eating about 1300-1350 a day, and weight-loss is slo-o-ow. Also, I’m very sedentary and lethargic. A few weeks ago I read the article you linked to, and it motivated me to start taking a probiotic and eating more raw vegetables in the hopes of helping along my gut biome. I think my focus and fatigue have improved a bit because of that, although they could just be placebos.

One of my doctors suggested Abilify, but I’m nervous about switching medications and perhaps becoming sick again. I’m really glad your new medication is working so well for you. It is very hopeful.

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